What’s in a Quarter Beef

What you will put in your freezer will vary depending on the live weight of the animal.


Sirlion Tip—3-4 pounds

T-Bone—-7-8 pounds

Round —-3-4 pounds

Chuck—-2-3 pounds

Ribeye—-3-4 pounds

Sirloin—-4-5 pounds

Tenderloin—1-2 pounds


Rump Roast—3-4 pounds

Chuck Roast—-3-4 pounds

Ground Beef—-40-50 pounds

Stew meat—6-7 pounds

Brisket—3-4 pounds

Short Ribs—-7-8 pounds

Beef Back Ribs—1-2 pounds

Soup Bones—-4-5 pounds

How much space do I need for:

1/4 Beef —- 5-7 Cubic Feet

1/2 Beef —-8-10 Cubic feet

Whole Beef —-20 Cubic Feet